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Texting Simulator AUTOFARM 2020

Texting Simulator AUTOFARM 2020 Created By [愛] Lizard Ananyomoos#0225 A new GUI for this shitty game. Enjoy. AUTO TEXT AUTO SELL

Texting Simulator GUI UPDATED

Texting Simulator GUI UPDATED Created By person#9995   Very OP release from person. This contains all the features you need to get overpowered in this trashy simulator game. Enjoy. PHONE AUTOFARM...

Texting Simulator GUI NEW

Texting Simulator GUI NEW Created By person#9995 This game has risen in popularity again so here you go. Freshly updated for the newest version of the game. This will make you a god at the game. Enjoy...

Texting Simulator Infinite Cash GUI

Texting Simulator Infinite Cash Created By JustSkitzo#8420 Little GUI that contains a working autofarm. You can also press a button & have instant infinite cash which means you can buy anything in...

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