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Dragon Adventures Egg Collector

Dragon Adventures Egg Collector Created By Megumu Megumu has to be one of the most active scripters right now so huge props to him for contributing so much to the community, join his discord above^. T...

Entry Point Beta Autofarm

Entry Point Beta Created By Phoenixx  Good autofarm for this game. Enjoy. AUTOFARM KILL ALL NPCS

Zombie Rush Player Assist

Zombie Rush Player Assist Created By tarvax  This is actually really fun to use & not too bad. Instructions are inside the text document. Very good script. AUTO KILL A CUSTOM AMOUNT OF ZOMBIES EV...

Dragon Adventures Script

Dragon Adventures Script Created By Megumu Another sexy release from the talented scripter we all know and love. Go & enjoy this. Auto collect items on the map

Phantom Forces GUI PFX UPDATED

Phantom Forces GUI PFX Created By ThisW0ntGetBanned#0001 Finally the legend is back & he has released some fresh new scripts. This is a great GUI working on the latest update. Possibly more featur...

Phantom Forces New Script

Phantom Forces New Script Created By Lethal Hacks#0525 This is one of the only scripts working for phantom forces on the new lua vm right now. Enjoy this & hopefully we see updates in the future. ...

A Bizarre Day GUI

A Bizarre Day GUI Created by Funtrat0r#1607 This got updated today so enjoy. Has lots of game breaking features that are fun to mess around with. KILL ALL KNOCK ALL UNLIMITED MONEY GIVE RANDOM STAND T...

Dragon Ball Ultimate Autofarm

Dragon Ball Ultimate Autofarm Created by AmStaff#0350   Once again this another great autofarm release. All you anime fans go enjoy. AUTOFARM

RPG World Autofarm

RPG World Autofarm Created by CriShoux  Very nice autofarm for this game. Enjoy. AUTOFARM

Balloon Simulator

Balloon Simulator  Created by Quack  Balloon Simulator nearly gave me an epileptic fit so be careful people when using this. AUTOFARMS BALLOONS

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