Rise of Nations Force Ally/Annoy players script

Rise of Nations Annoy players script Created By Signal  Had lots of requests for this game so here you go. This is the only script that exists for this game right now. You can still use it to your advantage to gain an edge over the in game competition. Enjoy. The script will allow you to […]

Project Lazarus Zombies GUI

Project Lazarus Zombies GUI Created By person#9995 Today we have a script for this classic game. This is a GUI with some very nice features which will ensure that you get ahead of the other players and reach max level easily. Enjoy. NO RECOIL INFINITE AMMO AUTO SPRAY WITH ANY GUN A LOT OF BULLET […]

Steve’s One Piece GUI

Steve’s One Piece GUI Created By KingUnspirited  This isn’t a very popular anime game right now but it has the potential to grow so I’m adding this script to the site for future ref. Huge shout out to the creator. Anti Cheat Bypass Teleport to any player Bring players Get devil fruits TP Chest/HakiBook Teleport […]

Bad Business Prototype 1.7.0 AIMBOT V2 [UPDATED]

Bad Business Prototype AIMBOT V2 Created By P H O E N I X  I’ve never actually played this game before but anyways. Here is a fully working aimbot & yes its completely un obfuscated so it’s likely to end up getting patched. Enjoy. AIMBOT

Vehicle Simulator GUI V2

Vehicle Simulator GUI V2 Created by DukyBG & Someone2 This one goes out to all of you that enjoy playing vehicle simulator. This GUI contains some pretty neat features. The main feature is the autofarm which will autofarm cash for you. Pretty sure it comes with an anti afk so leave it running all night […]

Jailbreak Unjailbreak X GUI [PAID] 6$

Jailbreak Unjailbreak X GUI 6$ Created by Aztup (French)#7853 This is a very good GUI that is jam packed with fun features to mess around on jailbreak with. If however you’re looking for a GUI that will get you money then this isn’t the GUI for you. There are no autofarms included but every else […]

Lumber Tycoon 2 Cracked GUI

Lumber Tycoon 2 Cracked GUI Cracked by FadedDeath This is a very nice GUI which allows you to duplicate money & a bunch of other stuff. Have fun with this. This GUI was paid but it got cracked so its completely free to use. PAINTER GUI GOD MODE GOD AXE (WORKING??) FLY BTOOLS BASE DUPE […]

The Northern Frontier [Civil-War] GUI

The Northern Frontier [Civil-War] GUI Created By SirelKilla Not many exploits exist for this game. If you’re into this kind of game then this GUI will be a huge help for you. Enjoy. GOD MODE CLICK TO KILL LOOPKILL ENEMIES DISABLE EFFECTS REQUEST RESPAWN TAKE LOOSE MONEY FAST INTERACTION MONEY FARM NORMAL CURSOR ALL TELEPORTS […]


Mad City NEW GUI WITH WORKING AUTOFARM Created By spidercraft78#1417 & Aztup#7853 Mad city have been pretty active with updating & patching the latest GUI’s that have been previously released. But now there’s a new GUI which is jam packed full of interesting features & a fully working cash autofarm. AUTOFARM CASH TELEPORT TO ANYWHERE […]

Work at a pizza place AUTOFARM GUI

Work at a pizza place AUTOFARM GUI Created By sirelKilla#9518 This has been out for ages but hardly anyone knows that it exists. It still works till this very day & is very op. Enjoy & remember to leave it running over night for the best results. AUTOFARM ALL JOB ROLES ANTI AFK (YOU WONT […]

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