Hello everyone.

Synapse x V3 will no longer be released, and the synapse team now belong to Roblox. We’ve had a good 6-year run and had many great memories over the years while this community was steadily growing larger with each passing year. Roblox has made its biggest move yet in acquiring the whole synapse team, and while this may be an impressive feat for Roblox and will definitely ensure a more secure platform, I do not believe this is the end of script execution on Roblox. 

You guys might not be aware, but there’s a user by the name of “CheatBuddy”/”KingJordan” who was amongst the original first few people to create script execution software for Roblox many years ago. With over 15+ years of experience making and breaking anti-cheats, he is returning very soon with RCM & RC7. 

  • What is RCM?
    •  This is a multihack which will come packed with multiple features such as aimbot, esp, built-in features for clanning games and a debugger which will allow you to make your own auto farms etc for games without having any lua knowledge.
  • What is RC7?
    • This is an unrestricted luau executor that will work on the web version of Roblox. While it may not have the same power Synapse V3 would have had it will still function and do what most people will need it to do.

It will cost just $30 USD for 1 YEAR access to RCM & RC7 or $50 FOR 2 YEAR access. To stay updated on RCM & RC7 make sure you’re subscribed to mine and Cheat Buddies youtube channel


Checkout my RCM & RC7 first look video (remember the UI looks nothing like it does in this video, watch this video for the features of RCM)

As for the whole synapse situation, I just want to say firstly… I found out about synapse joining Roblox at the exact same time you guys all found out. I told you guys for weeks that Synapse X developers stopped speaking to me, and I guess this was the main reason why. I still have full respect for the synapse team and wish them the best of luck in the future and thank them for letting me associate with Synapse X for so long.

Here is to the future of this community, and I’ll be here until it’s dead forever. It’s not over yet though, so I’ll be seeing you guys soon. – realsirmeme

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