Monthly Archives: November, 2019

Jailbreak NEW FREE GUI

Jailbreak NEW FREE GUI Created By NAME4YOU#0001 It’s been so long since we have had a good release for Jailbreak. The game did die for a little while but now its back to normal thanks to name4yo...


Counter Blox OLD KILL ALL SCRIPT Created By TheCrappyGod#8947 This script was created a few months ago but it still works really well today. It’s not the best but its fun to use for trolling. En...

One Piece Open Seas NEW GUI

One Piece Open Seas NEW GUI Created By Caslus Been getting lots of requests for this game in particular. Enjoy this, hopefully we can see some good updates soon. Enjoy. Auto Chest TP Devil Fruit Telep...

Apocalypse Rising 2 Free Script

Apocalypse Rising 2 Free Script Created By Geneva Ayala Stellar has released this completely free for everyone to use. Join his discord for more dank scripts. No Recoil Fire rate Modifier Reload Speed...

World // Zero Alpha GUI

World // Zero Alpha GUI Created By Derieri Purity Very nice GUI kindly released for free. Enjoy. Kill Aura Coin Magnet

Sad Rad Hub

Sad Rad Hub Created By Gerard#0001 Very good paid hub here. 1 script that features lots of games. Highly recommend this for anyone looking to get overpowered on ninja legends. LIST OF GAMES THAT THIS ...

Big Paintball Fucker GUI

Big Paintball Fucker GUI Created By Poly Sorry about the delay in updates. Lets kick it off with some easy scripts. SPEED ESP OBVIOUSLY HACKING (HOVER BEHIND ALL ENEMIES) FAST FIRE NO DROP FORCE AUTO ...

One Piece Ultimate NO GUN COOLDOWN

One Piece Ultimate NO GUN COOLDOWN Created By sunshineandlife Good script here. Enjoy. no gun cooldown

Booga Booga Autofarm

Booga Booga Autofarm Created By Zeestriaa Still the most OP autofarm for this game. Enjoy, AUTOFARM

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